All Production Stages from a Single Source:

... unity results in perfection and efficiency!

- Due to long years of experience, all units are optimally harmonized with one another so
  that they mesh perfectly, and thus, enabling for a flexible operation, maintenance and upgrade.

- The inline installation ensures optimal material feeding.

Performance: up to 850 packages per minute

- Format range: Standard and/or compact size including very short change-over times for 
  2-, 3-, or 4-layered tissue material

- High efficiency and high ROI

 Folding + Packaging:

 Folding, cutting, stacking and single pack wrapping - all takes place at a compact 
 production station. The entire process features high precision and a smooth,
 crinkle-free operation process.
 Autosplicer (web): - Feasible without machine stop (due to the buffer)
  - Reduction of production downtimes
  - Minimal percentage of waste through extraction only in
  the splice area
  - Use of remnant rolls is possible (web width until 220 mm)
 Embossing / folding: - All available standard embossing procedures are possible
  - Z- or N-fold
  - Freely selectable change of counts from 5 to 15 tissues
  per single pack
 Single Wrapping: - Seamless transition to single pack wrapping
  - Precision single pack wrapping through proven bucket
  wheel technology
  - Automatic ejection of defective products
 Autosplicer (film): - Feasible at full speed without production downtimes

 Labellers / Tapers:

 The labelling station precisely applies the label to the package.
 Advantages: - Simplicity of operation
  - Automatic, alternating operation of labelling heads
- Automatic ejection of products without Label

 Alternatively a taper can be used.
 Advantage: - Material and cost savings since carriage material is 
  not necessary

Bundle Wrapping:

A maximum production flexibility and approved technology allow to collate single packages to properly formed bundles and to wrap them accordingly.
Format Range: - up to 100 bundles per minute
  - 6-pack - 32-pack (upgrade up to 48-pack) in 1, 2 or 3 rows
  - PP, OPP Film

For further Information, please contact our sales team or visit us in our headquarters in Bremen.