Handkerchief Lines S.PM 805 + 662 TG and S.PM 820 + 660 TG

All Production Stages from a Single Source:
Senning has integrated the manufacturing of tissue handkerchiefs from the tissue roll to the finished bundle in the handkerchief line: S.PM 805 + 662 TG and S.PM 820 + 660 TG:
Folding machine, Single wrapper, Labeller or Taper and, finally, Bundle wrapper are comprised in a single consistent and completely automated system.

Handkerchief Line S.PM 805 + 662 TG / S.PM 820 + 660 TG
Handkerchief LineS.PM 805 + 662 TG
Performance: Up to 460 packages per minute
Format range: Standard and/or compact                                  
Autosplicer: Feasible with and without machinestop            more

Handkerchief LineS.PM 820 + 660 TG
Performance:Up to 850 packages per minute
Format range:Standard and/or compact                                 
Autosplicer:Feasible with and without machinestop            more

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